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Narrabundah College has the widest ranging choice of Tertiary English courses in the ACT. Where else can you take units such as Latin-American Literature, European Classics, Aboriginal Literature, Postmodernism or creative writing. We also offer the units that have proved popular at all colleges such as Children’s Literature, Science Fiction, Fantasy Fiction and Communications. Anyone can find his or her own level of ability and area of interest. Although we have a number of units to offer, students demand largely determines what is offered each session. We also run an Accredited course that involves a substantial degree of choice.

Almost all the students at Narrabundah who are not doing ESL (English as a Second Language) do English; many people take it on two lines.

Any World Literature scores used will be counted in course score calculations(subject to English department moderation processes). All English courses must contain at least one full unit (1.0) from the literature section (or from World Literature) and students are strongly advised to complete a unit from Language and Writing Section.

English T: Language and Writing

  • Communications
  • Origins of English
  • Writers workshop
  • Creative writing

Essay Template

Creative Response Rationale Guidelines

English T: Literature

Introductory Unit:

  • Approaches to Literature


  • Fantasy Fiction
  • North American Literature
  • Science Fiction
  • Short Story
  • Twentieth Century Novels


  • Poetry Then
  • Poetry Now


  • Shakespeare: Comedies
  • Shakespeare: The Tragedies


  • Aboriginal Literature
  • African and Pacific Writing
  • Australian Literature
  • Irish Writers
  • Children's Narratives
  • Crime Busters
  • East Asian Literature
  • European Classics  
  • Latin American Literature
  • Short Literary Forms
  • Page to Screen
  • Literature of War and Peace  
  • 19th Century English Writers
  • Non-Fiction
  • Postmodernism
  • Comedy and Satire
  • South East Asian Literature
  • The Hero
  • Women in Literature
  • Women Writers
  • Young Adult Fiction
  • Love Lust and Literature

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Why History?

Anyone with skills gained by a study of history is capable of succeeding in many subjects and occupations.

History has a direct connection with a number of professions such as law, journalism, politics, teaching, librarianship and archaeology.

Within the history courses mentioned there is a broad range of very interesting units. They will provide you with a vital understanding of the modern world plus anextremely valuable set of skills.

Available Units:

  • The Land of the Nile T/A
  • Greece to the Persian Wars T/A
  • The Age of Alexander T/A
  • Rome in the Age of Emperors T/A
  • The Roman Revolution - Pompey to Augustus T/A
  • Contemporary Conflict and Issues T/A
  • World War One T/A
  • The Second World War T/A
  • Superpower Conflict T/A
  • Struggles for Independence T/A
  • From Manchu to Mao T/A 

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  • Are you interested in election results and who governs Australia?
  • Find leadership battles within political parties fascinating?
  • How are politicians elected?
  • What is an election system?
  • Interested in the political systems of the USA, Russia, Japan, China or the United Nations?
  • What role do women play in politics?
  • What is a democracy?
  • How well are minorities represented?

The Politics course will help you with the answers!

Available Units:

  • Introduction to Australian Politics 
  • Elections, Pressure Groups & the Media
  • USA Politics
  • Politics of Russia and China
  • Political Theory 

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