The EALD program at Narrabundah College offers students, whose first language is not English, fully accredited courses to improve their English language skills and to develop the skills required for further academic study in Australia.

The program offers a Tertiary course, which can be included in a student's University Admission Index, an ‘A’ course, which focuses on whole language development, and Registered half units which cover language work and across curriculum study assistance.

The Students

Students in the EALD Program come from many different countries and language backgrounds. The student population includes full fee paying international private students, the children of diplomatic staff stationed in Canberra, the children of overseas parents pursuing further study and refugees as well as students from overseas with a permanent residence status.

The EALD Tertiary course (EAP)

The EALD Tertiary accredited course is called EAP or EALD for Academic Purposes. Students seeking university entrance are generally required to study six units over two years of full time study. 13 units of EAP are offered (EAP 1 to EAP 13). Students enter the course at a point appropriate to their language level, which may be EAP 1, EAP 4, or EAP 7. Students who enter at the higher EAP 7 level will complete their tertiary course by selecting from EAP units 10-13 which are taught within mainstream English classes. Students completing a major with units from EAP 7-13 must discuss their selections each session with the Head of Languages. Because students enter EAP at a point appropriate to their language level, all scores and grades in different combinations of EAP English rank equally in the calculation of course scores to ensure no student at Narrabundah College is at any disadvantage because of their level of English.

The large number of students choosing to study EALD at Narrabundah College means students of EAP are offered a choice of lines on which to study units of EAP English. This allows students a wider choice of other subjects to study at the college.

The EALD “A” Course (ESL A)

This course offers students not planning to go to university an opportunity to study English without the pressure of the scaling of marks conducted to produce the ATAR. It allows students to develop their English using a whole language approach to reading, writing and speaking. Further, many students beginning EAP at the EAP1 level find that EALD (A) offers an opportunity to improve and practise their English. This is useful to their studies as their better English supports their study in other subjects.

The Teachers

EALD staff come from a variety of backgrounds and have wide experience teaching students whose first language is not English. A number of teachers themselves come from a non English speaking background while a number also teach languages other than English.

EALD staff work closely with the Languages EALD Faculty. Languages taught at Narrabundah are Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. A Tertiary accredited translating and interpreting course called Translating and Interpreting Skills is also available and is a subject that many EALD students choose because they speak a language other than English at home and this subject allows them to capitalise on that knowledge.

The academic year comprises three sessions of study. At Narrabundah College the Autumn Session is the first unit of study, the Winter Session is the second unit of study and the Spring Session is the third unit of study. In the Autumn Session, EAP 1, 4 and 7 are taught as well as Accredited EALD in the Winter Session, EAP 2, 5, and 8 are taught as well as Accredited EALD and in the Spring Session, EAP 3, 6, and 9 are taught as well as Accredited EALD. The Registered support unit is available for students who are unable to complete the requirements of a full unit.

Picture of student from Narrabundah