The Arts

Theatre Arts

Narrabundah College offers an exciting and innovative Theatre Arts Tertiary Course, as well as Registered units which enable students to be involved in theatrical production work without necessarily being enrolled in the T course. Through participation in the Theatre Arts program, students may meet and make new friends, build confidence and self-esteem, develop performance skills in improvisation, mime and movement, voice and acting techniques, learn the theatre traditions and conventions of various cultures through an historical and practical study of theatre history, undertake theatre research and criticism and gain experience in a variety of production approaches and techniques through various production units and touring opportunities within Australia and overseas.

During the course, students may enrol in major productions, theatre tours within Australia and overseas and in a variety of alternative, smaller production units that provide on-stage and backstage experience. These units offer the opportunity to follow and develop individual areas of interest and expertise, discover new skills and gain valuable practical experience and theoretical knowledge.

The major attractions of the Theatre Arts course include:

  • ISTA Festival - Australian Festival of the International Schools Theatre Association.
  • Adelaide Festival - An annual touring production.
  • Major Production - Five months of hard work culminating in an amazing Narrabundah College production in the Hawk Theatre.
  • Children’s Theatre - A production for young children, staged for schools and the public in the Hawk Theatre.
  • Student Theatre Season - A season of plays produced, devised, selected and directed by students of Theatre Arts Field Study.
  • Europe Tour - A three and a half week major international tour to an International Schools Theatre Association Festival and then on to such places as Amsterdam, Stratford-upon-Avon, London, New York and Singapore.

and more...

  • Acting Workshop
  • Theatre Studies
  • Community Theatre
  • Improvisation and Role Play
  • Radio Drama
  • Creative Movement
  • Staging a Production
  • Behind the Scenes


This would have to be one of most vibrant faculties in the college. A faculty where students of diverse musical backgrounds and aspirations meet to explore and pursue their musical goals, assisted by a highly qualified professional team of teachers.  Our faculities include a two hundred seat music auditorium, a recording studio, an electronic music studio, teaching spaces, and practice rooms.

We offer our music students the opportunity to present regular lunchtime concerts as well as, a number of public performances including the Autumn Concert, the Winter Concert, the Chamber Music Concert, the Final Recital Programmes and more. Students are also offered many opportunities to extend their performance experience outside of the school including performances in “Jazzabout” a national festival for young Australian Jazz performers, “Yuddah” the big contemporary music gig and a host of other performances within the wider community.

The music courses offered at Narrabundah College are as varied as the student population who study in the college. Our success can only be measured by the vast number of students who have gained access to their preferred music courses within Universities throughout Australia. This success may be extended to include those students who have chosen to pursue a career in the contemporary music industry. Our Vocational course, leading to a Certificate 2 in Music Industry and our Schools based apprenticeship courses is positive evidence of the successes we have achieved with our students.

It does not matter whether you want to pursue music as a career or just for pleasure, Narrabundah College has something for you.

What Courses Are Available For Me?

You may choose from:
Extension Music courses which allows students with over five years of music study to extend their capabilities or talents. The extension music courses on offer include both the Solo performance course for those students who have aspirations of becoming performers on their chosen instrument(s) and the Chamber Music course for those students who enjoy performing as part of an ensemble. Both courses include practical work and theoretical studies including aspects of music history.

Tertiary Music courses which enables students to reach tertiary admittance level. These courses are specifically aimed at students who want to pursue their musical studies at University level. The choices available here are numerous and include:
Individual performance for those who want to pursue a solo performance career and also ensemble music for those who enjoy performing with others in an ensemble situation. Jazz studies for those who have a passion, as so many do, for jazz.
Electronic music for those who love music technology. In this course students explore a wide variety of music software from midi to analogue as well as sampling and concrete music. Many of our students have continued these studies at the ANU.
Contemporary Music for those who have a passion for the world of rock and everything involved with this industry. Many universities are now offering degree courses in this subject. Check it out with us.
Music in the Theatre a special course for those students who want to combine and explore their musical talents with theatre.
Guitar or Keyboard is a tertiary course for those students who have limited musical experience but would still like to do music at a level suitable for entry into a university.

The Music Industry Course is a vocational education course that has had great success in Narrabundah College. This course offers students a Nationally recognised Certificate 2 in the Music Industry and students who undertake this course are trained in industry specific skills and competencies that can lead to employment and/or further studies in either the CIT or University.

Accredited Music Courses are destined for those students who want to study music for self enjoyment only and do not require music as a part of their tertiary package. These courses include:

  • Guitar or Keyboard Workshops
  • Electronic music
  • Jazz Studies &
  • Music Industry

The Music Scholarships

This scheme was introduced in 1985 to assist students with tuition fees. Students wishing to apply for scholarships must do so in the first two weeks of term 1. Auditions are held in week 4 of term 1 where students must perform two contrasting works of any style on their instrument/s. Application forms are available from the music department and awards are presented as part of the autumn concert. It is expected that the winner of the scholarship will represent the college at different events throughout their time at Narrabundah College.

Visual Arts

Creative Art:
Narrabundah College offers a double major course in Creative Art at a tertiary level & a major/minor at an accredited level. We have two art rooms to cater for the art students.
 Art classroom in full
The art rooms include all aspects of art making - drawing, painting, printing, sculpture and mixed media.  student painting on easil
Foyer gallery:
The Art Department has a display area for students to exhibit their art projects. The general philosophy of the department is for students to display their art during the unit and at assessment times on the pinboard walls.
 art display foyer
Printing press:
Our art facilities also include a modern printing press; here students produce prints using a variety of techniques - etching, lithography, lino printing and monoprinting.
 printing press art room
Classroom computer:
Art has the advantage of a computer in the classroom. This is available for the students to research art online and as a means to develop aspects of their projects. There is internet access, a photo quality printer and a scanner.
 art classroom computer
Art History:
This course makes full use of the laptop & data projector that we have available to study the history of art. This is a valuable course of learning for both artists & students from the wider school community.
 art history class
Narrabundah College also offers a major course in Ceramics. Facilities include two electric kilns and five electric potters wheels. The ceramic course includes hand building, wheel work and sculpture.
 student working on clay artwork
A purpose built area is set up for students to develop their skill in making wheel thrown pottery.  students on potters wheels
Raku firing:
The ceramic students have access to a custom built Raku kiln to give them the opportunity to experience a Raku firing. For more in depth information on the specific course content of Creative Art, Art History and Ceramics click here.
 students raku firing
The Centre for Applied Arts was opened in 1998 and accommodates the course areas of Photography, Design, Architectural Studies, Woodwork and Computer-Aided Design.  arts centre rooms
Photography students can complete a major/minor in photography at Narrabundah College. This process room is where students develop their films.  photography room
Photographic theory and mounting of students work takes place in this room. There are plenty of display boards to hang the finished products.  photography room photo displays
Facilities also include a fully functional studio and darkroom utilising new Technologies.  student in photography room
Design consists of a major course encompassing industrial, commercial and graphic elements. Students use this room to design and draw their ideas then move into the workshops to create their prototypes.  design room
This computer lab is for the minor course of digital photography as well as the major course in Architectural Studies and Computer Aided Design. Facilities include flat bed and negative scanners, printers, plotters and a network of computers.  computer lab
Metal and plastics workshop.  metal and plastics workshop
This is the woodwork workshop and view into the Computer lab.  woodwork area
Picture of student from Narrabundah