Access Asia

Narrabundah College offers a wide range of courses which allow students to access Asia in an exciting variety of ways. The College offers four major Asian languages (Chinese, Indonesian, Korean and Japanese) which are taught at all levels from Beginning to Advanced. Students who complete a Major or Minor in an Asian language have direct access to the culture of the relevant Asian country through literature, art, music and film.

Studying a language is an obvious way for a student to learn about Asia but it is only one of the many means available at the College. Numerous other subjects also provide opportunities to access Asian content across the curriculum. Students of Asian languages and students interested in studies of Asia should consider the following offerings during their two years of study at the College.

Note: The following courses and units have a significant Asian focus but students are given the opportunity to study, experience and understand Asian content in many other units across the curriculum.

Languages Other than English (T)

  • Chinese
  • Indonesian
  • Korean
  • Japanese

Textiles and Design (T)

  • From Fibre to Yarn
  • Fabric Colouration and Finishing

English (T)

  • East Asian Narratives
  • South and SE Asian Narratives
  • Literature of the Mystics

Music (T)

  • Music of Other Cultures


  • Mainline 9
  • Theatre Studies (T)
  • Theatre Studies 2

Media Studies (T/A)

  • Asian Film

Food and People (A)

  • Food and Culture
  • Australian Foods

History (T/A)

  • Twentieth Century Asia
  • Decolonisation
  • Revolution in China
  • Revolution in the Third World

Sociology (T)

  • Sociology of Religion
  • Sociology of Gender and Family
  • Urban Sociology

Geography (T/A)

  • Australia and Asia

Ceramics (T)

  • Creative Ceramics 1
  • Creative Ceramics 2

Politics (T)

  • Political Systems 1
  • Political Systems 2
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