English as a Second Language (ESL)

  • EALD (English as an Additional Language or Dialect) for Academic purposes (T)
  • EALD (A)
  • EALD and IELTS Tutorial (R)

The college provides an extensive EALD program that is reviewed regularly in order to meet changes in the circumstances and needs of non-English speaking background students.
In addition to formal classes, individual tutorial assistance is given where necessary.

Unit Description: Units in the (T) and (A) courses are offered as either half-standard (0•5) and/or standard (1•0) units.

EALD for Academic Purposes (EAP)(T)

This course is designed for those who have a good working knowledge of the fundamentals of English and who wish to improve their fluency in, and knowledge of, the language. Students are assessed to determine which entry level is appropriate for them. EALD for Academic Purposes covers the four aspects of English - listening and speaking, reading and writing - and has a definite emphasis on academic skills, to allow students to attain the skills required for tertiary studies. The later units include an introduction to literature, thus providing a logical progression into English units, if required.

Course Pattern: This course consists of ten sequential units, and may be taken as a Major or a Minor. One English unit can be included in an EALD Major and vice versa.

Assessment: Class exercises, essays, group and individual work. Details of the specific assessment patterns for each unit are available from the EALD department.


This course is intended for those students who have some understanding of basic English language skills, and who wish to improve their understanding of English. This is an appropriate English course for students not wishing to pursue further studies at university. Other students may take this class as an additional English class to their EAP Studies. Many students have found this additional assistance useful.
Students may study up to two accredited ESL units at the same time achieve a Major-Minor or Double-Major. Twelve units are available, to cover a variety of topics that best meet the students’ needs.

EALD and IELTS Tutorial (R)

These units are available to students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds who are in need of specific assistance with assignments etc. Grammar, writing skills, reading skills, pronunciation skills and library introduction units are available. Mainstream support and individual tutorial assistance are provided where staffing permits.

Picture of student from Narrabundah