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Yr 12 AST Day 2


Event Name Yr 12 AST Day 2
Start Date 6th Sep 2017

The AST commences at the College Tuesday 5 September  at 9.00am-11.45am starting with the Multiple Choice paper. Please make sure you are here by 8.30am. If you have been approved for Special consideration Natalie will send you a reminder message re your venue/times.

What to bring:

Your College ID card

Pens/pencils/ eraser, an unmarked ruler and a clean paper dictionary.

A  clear (no label) water bottle

You cannot have backpacks or handbags, food and DEFINITELY NO mobile phones in the gym. If your phone rings during the AST you can be asked to leave.

If you wish to leave for a comfort break, you will be supervised.

You are not allowed to leave early.

If you are ill, or meet with misadventure eg car accident

Telephone the College IMMEDIATELY

Bring your medical certificate/police report etc to the College NO LATER THAN 24 HOURS after the event. You will then have to apply for the AST Second Sitting.

If you are delayed, you may enter up to half an hour after the start of the test, but you will not receive any extra time.

You have the option of a free Sausage Sizzle at the College during the lunch break.

The Short Answer test begins at 1.00-3.15 pm Tuesday 5 September. If you leave the College after the Multiple Choice paper,  you MUST be back on time.

The Writing Task will be held on Wednesday  6 September at 9.00am-12.00pm. Once again you must be on time.

No doubt your AST teachers have reiterated how important the AST results are to the overall performance of Narrabundah College, and therefore your final ATAR. Please ensure that you bring your best efforts to both days of testing. There are previous papers on Google Classroom to practice.

Get plenty of sleep, hydrate and eat well, and all the best of luck!