French Baccalauréat

The French Baccalauréat Program At Narrabundah College

Sections S (Scientific) and L (Litterature)

Le Cursus Du Baccalauréat Francais


The French Baccalauréat has been delivered at Narrabundah College since 1984 as a result of a tripartite agreement between the Commonwealth Government of Australia, the French Government and later the ACT Government. Students are taught by teachers employed by the French Government who share their time  between classes at Telopea for students in the English/French stream (EFS) and Narrabundah College for students undertaking the diploma program.
There is a choice between two sections: S (Scientific) and L (Litterature)

Pathways available through undertaking the French Baccalauréat diploma.

There are three basic pathways French Baccalauréat students can take depending on their intentions beyond Year 12. The first pathway is to complete the French Baccalauréat with no additional ACT subjects, allowing students to apply for tertiary study in Australia or overseas based on their French Baccalauréat  result only. For this pathway, universities in Australia may require some additional evidence of English proficiency. The second pathway is to complete some English units from the ACT system in addition to completing the French Baccalauréat. This may meet the English requirements for Australian universities.  The third pathway is to complete a major English course from the ACT system, plus one other major course. This would generate an ACT University Admission Index (UAI) in addition to the one generated from the French Baccalauréat.

Detailed description of pathways

Pathway 1. Students complete the French Baccalauréat with no additional ACT classes.

All French Baccalauréat courses delivered at Narrabundah College undertaken by French Baccalauréat students are recognised in full and reported on the ACT Year 12 Certificate. Provided they met the normal ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies (BSSS) conditions for its award, completing students will  receive an ACT Year 12 Certificate in December of the year they complete their French Baccalauréat with "satisfactory" grades reported on the certificate for units completed at Narrabundah College. They will not receive an ACT Tertiary Entrance Statement. Scores (out of 20) are issued each session at  the college by the French teachers to inform students and parents of regular progress. These students can then use their final French Baccalauréat diploma mark to apply for entry to universities overseas or in Australia. Currently, all Australian universities, either directly or through state university  admissions centres, have a method for converting the French Baccalauréat score out of 20 to a UAI. Universities in Australia may require some additional evidence of English proficiency beyond the studies completed for the Baccalauréat. This has been the previous situation.

Pathway 2. Students undertake some ACT English T units or a course during the two years at Narrabundah College.

To better meet the English requirements for entry to tertiary institutions in Australia, a student is enrolled in an ACT Tertiary English unit or T English course during year 11 and/or 12 in addition to French Baccalauréat courses. In conjunction with their diploma timetable, students can complete one  standard unit of T English in Session 2 of Year 11 at the college. Some universities have indicated the completion of one standard unit with an appropriate score would be sufficient to meet their English entry requirements. Other universities (Melbourne University) do require the completion of a T English  course. The course in English could be gained when, on completion of the French Baccalauréat in June of Year 12, students return to the college and complete sufficient English T units to gain either an ACT English T minor (2 standard units) or a major (3.5 standard units). Students may also undertake  a course in English throughout Year 11 and complete a minor, or, undertake a course in English throughout Year 11 and to September of Year 12 for a major.

Pathway 3. Students undertake an ACT English T course and a second ACT T course during the 2 years at Narrabundah College in addition to completing the French Baccalauréat. This would generate an ACT UAI in addition to the one generated through the French Baccalauréat.

This pathway allows students to gain an ACT ATAR issued by the ACT BSSS, provided they have met the requirements for a Tertiary Entrance Statement (TES) - including studies completed over a minimum of three and a half semesters in years 11/12 and the student sitting the ACT Scaling Test (AST) in September  of Year 12. The proposed calculation of the ATAR for such students is to be based on a maximum of two (2) French Baccalauréat courses (counting 1.6 transformed French Baccalauréat course scores) and at least two (2) ACT major courses (comprising 2.0 scaled course scores).One of the ACT major courses would  be English. It should be noted that time constraints of the diploma timetable between January Year 11 and June Year 12 make this a more difficult pathway, but there is some flexibility between June and December of Year 12 to enable this option.


Queries regarding the completion of the French Baccalauréat at Narrabundah College can be directed to Emmanuel Texier French Principal, Telopea Park School) or Eric Dostal (Executive Teacher at Narrabundah College) or Jenny Budd (Deputy Principal, Narrabundah College).

Flow Chart Illustrating French Baccalauréat Pathways

French Bac Pathway