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Author Peter Papathanasiou visits NARC

Author Peter Papathanasiou visits Narrabundah College.

Several Life Stories classes were lucky enough to be visited by Canberra author Peter Papathanasiou, author of 'Little One' - an autobiographical account of Peter finding out, at age 24, that he was adopted, and the subsequent quest to meet his birth parents and brothers in Greece.  Peter shared with these classes insights into the writing and publishing process and hopefully inspired students to assess and write about their own experiences.  (August 2020).

08 Sep 2020

ACT Intercollege Badminton (21/08/20)

ACT Intercollege Badminton (21 August 2020)

During Week 15, Narrabundah entered two boys and girls’ teams for the ACT Intercollege Badminton, held at the ANU Sports Hall. It was a dominant showing for our students, with all teams making the finals for their respective competitions and ultimately taking the day out, demonstrating great skill and sportsmanship.

Congratulations to all involved in becoming the 2020 ACT Intercollege Badminton Champions, for both boys and girls!

Thank you to everyone who participated and supported the event. It was a great day out and I hope to see this enthusiasm in the future as we look forward to defending our championship next year! (Matthew D).

03 Sep 2020

ACT Volleyball Schools Cup (14/08/20)

ACT Volleyball Schools Cup (14 August 2020)

During Week 14, Narrabundah entered a boys and girls team in the ACT Volleyball Schools Cup, held at the Lyneham Hockey Centre. It was a great day of volleyball for all involved, with lots of fun had and a great level of improvement from game to game.

Thank you to everyone that participated in the trials, training and on the day. Your continued support for Narrabundah sports is appreciated and I look forward to us coming back better next year! (Matthew D).

03 Sep 2020


Assessment week at Narrabundah College has been progressing well. Last week students completed exams in mathematics, science, accounting, sociology, economics and more. Further exams were held earlier this week and today and yesterday year 12 students completed AST testing. Exam week got off to a great start early last week. Monday was a normal school day and Tuesday’s line six ensured that all students had at least one lesson contact with their teachers before the exams commenced on Wednesday. After Tuesday’s line six lesson the day was dedicated to student study enabling students the opportunity for last minute consultations with their teachers before the exams commenced the following day. Narrabundah College thanks all students for the patience’s in the leadup to and during the examination period. Further the college acknowledges the efforts made by students during each exam.

02 Sep 2020



Narrabundah College’s Interact and Governance groups joined forces raising $375 for Domestic Violence Crisis Services ACT. Thank you to our well-coordinated volunteers who ran a sausage sizzle and thank you to all those who contributed by purchasing a sausage sandwich during our cool winter lunch break.   

12 Aug 2020

Interact (Narrabundah College)


Congratulations to Tommy as he receives Interactor of the Year (2019-2020) from our Principal Kerrie G. Thank you for being our competent and cheerful club president. Tommy hands over the medallion of perpetuity to newly elected club president Gabriel. Thank you to Gabriel for your commitment to our club and to all members of the board both retiring and elect. Thank you to all members of the Narrabundah College Interact Club.

22 Jul 2020



Congratulations to Tommy from Narrabundah College. Tommy is this year’s Interactor of the year. Thank you to Tommy for being our Interact Club president during 2019 and 2020 and thank you to all those members of the Interact Club for supporting Tommy and our club. Well done.

Congratulations to Rotary Belconnen for their award for the East Indonesia Project - Narrabundah College’s Interact club has been and continues to be a fundraiser and financial supporter for East Indonesia Aid.


02 Jul 2020

Off Beat (23-6-2020)

OFF BEAT CONCERT - Socially distanced concert.

The Offbeat Trio consists 3 students one on bass guitar, another on drums, and a student on alto saxophone. After playing together in a previous group the Offbeat Trio was formed in February this year, playing a range of groove-based jazz standards for their first Narrabundah College concert of 2020.

23 Jun 2020



This year Narrabundah College library is celebrating the literary creativity and literary contribution of Australia’s Indigenous authors to our national conscience. The library has prepared a display of their works and we invite all members of the college community to appreciate their achievements and involvement in the awareness and national debate on Indigenous issues.

12 Jun 2020


Impressive Success for French Bac student:

Congratulations to Eliya H Q who Is a laureate of the prestigious AEFE Excellence Scholarship and she was awarded the highest level to do 5 years post Bac study in France until Master 2 or equivalent.

She is the only student in Australia to win one of the 187 places out of 573 applicants.

Congratulations to her teachers too who have supported her well on this journey.

03 Jun 2020

Rotary Magazine 2020

Interact - Narrabundah College

Congratulations to the Narrabundah College Interact Club. Making a real difference in our community and the communities in West Timor. Well done.

15 May 2020

(Country Women’s Association Scholarship Awards)

Country Women’s Association Scholarship Awards

The CWA - Canberra Day Branch generously offers an annual scholarships program

with several scholarships available to support year eleven students in their education.


This year Narrabundah College student, Therese was successful in gaining a scholarship.


She is seen here with the Minister for Education, Yvette Berry at the presentation ceremony held on March 6.


We would like to sincerely congratulate Therese along with all other 2020 recipients from other ACT colleges.

27 Mar 2020

Rachmaninoff and Beethoven Concert

Rachmaninoff and Beethoven by Jacob - Exceptional performance.

Narrabundah College’s first concert in the 2020 Music Concert Series was most successful.

Those who attended were rewarded by the marvellous performance of Rachmaninoff and Beethoven on the piano by Jacob W.

16 Mar 2020

Dancers from Bali, Indonesia.


An impressive and engaging workshop in Balinese dance was provided for Narrabundah College students prior to Canberra’s Multicultural Festival. Shown here students and Bali’s leading performing artists join in the celebration of cultural diversity with the mystical Barong in the background. Narrabundah College thanks the Indonesian Embassy for making this event possible. (Friday 20 February 2020).   

02 Mar 2020

IB Graduation class of 2019


Commencing in 2018 and graduating tonight (12 February 2020) we congratulate our IB students on their achievements and success, with our top score of 99.25. Well done. We trust that your success will further your learning journey and bring in life the rewards that you truly deserve.

19 Feb 2020

(Maths Competition 2019)


Congratulations to Ryan W (year 11) for winning the Best in State award for this year’s Australian Maths competition.

05 Dec 2019

(ICAS 2019)

Spencer C Wins 1 of 5 ICAS medals 2019.

Spencer won the ICAS Medal for Science for NSW/ACT, only 1 of 5 awarded for Year 12 in across Australia. Congratulations Spencer.

04 Dec 2019

(Youth Presenter of the Year Award (2019) (NEMBC))

Youth Presenter of the Year 2019 - National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasting Council

Saad K has won the 2019 Youth Presenter of the Year Award. He received the award at National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasting Council (NEMBC) Annual Award ceremony in Brisbane, Australia on November 30, 2019. NEMBC has more than 4000 broadcasters all over Australia.

As Youth Presenter of the Year, he was instrumental in propagating Urdu through Radio in Canberra, representing the Canberra Multicultural Service (1CMS), where Saad volunteers, on a National Scale.

He has created a documentary and continues to highlight the contributions of Ethnic Minorities and in particular Muslims & Pakistanis in Australia to the wider public. His documentary, ‘Kings of the Desert: The Australian Cameleers’ was also shortlisted as a finalist for Innovative Program of the Year.  A podcast series and a feature film will be released within the next few months, nationally.

04 Dec 2019



Narrabundah College staff certainly enjoyed the visit from the class of 1969. It was great to see such a joyful group as they toured the school with Kerrie our principal. Thank you for visiting us - we enjoyed having you all here. (Friday 29 November 2019).

29 Nov 2019

(Interact Nurrabundah College Supports East Indonesia Aid)

Interact Nurrabundah College Supports East Indonesia Aid

Interact Club, Narrabundah College, supports East Indonesia Aid providing funds for teacher training and water security. The people of Nusa Tenggara Timur show their thanks and express their gratitude to the Narrabundah College community for the support given.  

29 Nov 2019

(UC People’s Choice Award in Architecture)

Vatanhou wins the prestigious UC People’s Choice Award in Architecture.

Vatanhou V Year 11 wins the University of Canberra’s People’s Choice Award 2019 for his Architectural House Design derived from a Nautilus Shell. This was a project he created at school in the Architecture course during Session.

22 Nov 2019

(Korea 2019)

Korea 2019

South Korea was the destination for 15 students and two staff members from Narrabundah College. We visited the Korean Capital Seoul, Busan in the south and the Cheomseongdae ancient astronomy observatory in Gyeongju. We spent a splendid week sharing our learning, classes and cultures at Baegam High School in Seoul. We thank the students and staff who made us so welcome during our visit. (September 26 - October 10, 2019).

22 Nov 2019

(Dubai 2019)

Narrabundah College’s Ari G runs a PB in Dubai.

Narrabundah College student Ari took a very commendable fourth place in the 100 metres on day 5 at the World Para Athletics Championships in Dubai, it was Ari’s first senior international race and we congratulate him on his achievement. Ari took a respectable fourth place in the men’s long jump final on Friday to set a new area record in his class. Congratulations Ari.

13 Nov 2019

(World Para Atletics Championship - Dubai)


Congratulations to Ari on representing Australia in the World Para Athletics Championships in Dubai. Ari is a student at Narrabundah College and can be seen standing in the back row. Well done Ari!

12 Nov 2019

The Australian Defence Force Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Award

Narrabundah College would like to warmly congratulate Dakota as the 2019 recipient of the Australian Defence Force Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Award. The Award recognises students who demonstrate leadership and teamwork within both the school and the broader local community. During his time at Narrabundah, Dakota has led many college community activities and contributed greatly to the life of the college. Dakota is shown here being presented with his award.

12 Nov 2019

PHILOSOTHON, 2019 (Narrabundah College)


This year, Narrabundah College participated in the first ACT Philosothon and won first place together with Telopea Park School. Along with that remarkable distinction were individual prizes: Selina was Year 12 Best speaker, Sarah Year 11 Best Speaker and George took Third place. Yarran and Thomas shared the role of fourth speaker and made a substantial contribution to the team.

In the National competition, we won Third Place and Thomas was awarded Best Speaker in the Open Section. What an achievement.

31 Oct 2019

United Nations Day 2019


Each year Narrabundah College celebrates United Nations Day with performances from our international community and a large array of exotic foods from far away places all sold at competitive prices. The funds raised are for One Girl a charity supporting education for young girls in Africa. Ms Julia Dean was our United Nations representative and we thank her for her enthusiasm. United Nations day occurs on October 24 and was celebrated at Narrabundah College on October 25.

29 Oct 2019

2019 Korea Performance


Narrabundah College students are rewarded with their certificates for their first place in the video clip category for the 2019 Korean Performance contest. Congratulations to Raya, Jahna, Sang-Hyeon, Caitlin, Shriya, Benjamin, Kristine and Vivien.

29 Oct 2019

Tarago24 Sept 2019

Environmental Systems and Society Excursion - 24 September 2019.

Did you know that 20% of Sydney's putrescible waste is transformed to generate clean energy for up to 30,000 homes?

Narrabundah College students had the opportunity to visit Veolia's Bioreactor site near Tarago, where this impressive transformation takes place. They were joined by senior European diplomats, including Ambassadors and High Commissioners. The trip was coordinated by the European Union in Australia. It kicked off Climate Diplomacy Week, the EU's initiative to foster dialogue and cooperation on climate change, showcase success stories and inspire further action.

After a safety briefing, the group embarked on a guided tour of the French company's impressive $100 million waste management plant and learned more about the functioning of the site.

This fascinating example of EU investment in climate technology provided the students and diplomats with lots to talk about, exchanging views on the circular economy, climate action and the students' scientific ambitions.

26 Sep 2019

Narrabundah College students attended ‘Australia Now’ at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade where Australian and International University students made presentations on Australia’s trade relationship with ASEAN. (Monday 16 September 2019).

Australia Now (DFAT ASEAN)

Narrabundah College students attended ‘Australia Now’ at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade where Australian and International University students made presentations on Australia’s trade relationship with ASEAN. (Monday 16 September 2019).  

17 Sep 2019

ACT German Minikonferenz (2019)

ACT German Minikonferenz - 24 August 2019 - Narrabundah College.

ACT German Minikonferenz on 24 August 2019 at Narrabundah College.
Special guests:
Jens Hoch - Cultural Attaché of the German Embassy
Ellen Moffat - Presenter
Marina Shine - Goethe Institute Sydney

04 Sep 2019

Ryan wins bronze in Baku, Azerbaijan (2019).


Ryan W represented Australia in the International Informatics Olympiad. Congratulations to Ryan for winning a bronze medal in this prestigious event.

The 31st International Informatics Olympiad was held in Baku, Azerbaijan from August 4 to August 11, 2019.

23 Aug 2019

Dr Helen Maynard-Casely 2019

Physics Women in Physics Lecturer - Dr Helen Maynard-Casely

This year’s Australian Institute of Physics Women in Physics Lecturer is Dr Helen Maynard-Casely from ANSTO (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation). Dr Maynard-Casely is touring the country and stopped at Narrabundah College to present current and exciting research projects involving the use of neutrons. Approximately 160 science students attended to hear about diverse topics such as carbon capture and storage technology, the development of magnetic wires to reduce energy usage, detection of fake coins from ancient civilizations and the development of new drugs to target antibiotic resistance bacteria.

14 Aug 2019



Tommy takes over the presidency of Narrabundah College’s Interact Club from Ryan at the club’s handover meeting on June 26, 2019. Many thanks to Ryan for last year’s commitment and thank you to Tommy for his commitment for the next 12 months. Narrabundah College’s Interact club is a great way for students and staff to share in the Curriculum of Giving and to become involved in Australian and international projects of significance. Thank you to each member of our Intereact Club. 

29 Jul 2019

French Bac - Embassy - 2019

All the Year 12 French Baccalauréat students have been successful in achieving their diplomas.

From the Literary stream

3 students achieved a High distinction (candidates with a score of 16 out of 20 or higher)

From the Scientific stream

4 students achieved a High Distinction

6 students achieved a Distinction (for candidates with an average mark greater than or equal to 14 and less than 16)                               

2 students received a  Credit (for BAC candidates with an average grade greater than or equal to 12 and less than 14) 

Congratulations to our laureates, their parents & families and to all of our school community who have contributed greatly to this success.

24 Jul 2019

(Narabundah College debating outperforms the professionals).

Narabundah College debating outperforms the professionals.

On Thursday 6 June at the Navigating Artificial Intelligence (AI) Summit 2019 a Narrabundah College
debating team took part in a debate against some leaders of the Information Industry. The motion was: AI will take our jobs. Narrabundah was the affirmative team. Our team comprising of Neha, Ruby, Selina and Sarah thrashed the team of Ron (CEO, AIIA), Lee (Partner, IBM), Greg (CEO, Canberra Data Centres and Dr Lesley S (Cyber Institute, ANU).The Bundah team were outstanding and so impressed the conference participants that the team were offered cadetships, work experience placements and even offers of jobs. Well done!

22 Jul 2019

Interact (Sunday 30 June 2019) Gold Creek Station (Hall)

Congratulations Rahul - Interactor of the Year 2018-2019.

Rahul is a keen and motivated member of Interact Club, Narrabundah College. He is an enthusiastic participant and frequents our peak organisation Rotary Australia. Thank you for your participation. Photograph - Gold Creek Station - Rotary Hand Over Meeting, Sunday June 30, 2019.

01 Jul 2019

(LA 2019)


Congratulations to Sarah for producing a world winning design as judged by Billie Eilish. Now Sarah and her mother are off to Billie Eilish in concert in LA, where Sarah will meet backstage with one of America’s youngest performers. We look forward to hearing about Sarah’s experience when she returns to Australia.

Canberra Times (28-6-2019)

Canberra Times (PDF) 28-6-2019

01 Jul 2019

ASI-AMT 2019 Narrabundah College

International Olympiad Azerbaijan and Israel.

Ryan W will be attending the International Olympiad in Informatics in Azerbaijan and Simon Y the International Physics Olympiad in Israel.

27 Jun 2019

Maths ANU Narrabundah College (2019)

Success at ANU Maths Day.

Two teams of year 12 students attended ANU Maths Day on Tuesday 4 June. 36 teams from across the ACT and NSW took part in this fun problem-solving competition. This year Narrabundah students achieved our best results in recent history, coming first and fifth overall!

Congratulations to:
1st place: Dillon, Shreya, David, Ziqi and Simon.
5th place: Ahmed, Dakota, Eliyahu, Meg and Spencer.

17 Jun 2019

Bravery Award for Narrabundah College Student.

Bravery Award for Narrabundah College Student.

Narrabundah College student Bec H receives a Commendation for Brave Conduct from Australia’s Governor General Peter Cosgrove during a ceremony at Government House, Yarralumla. Bec rescued a friend who had been swept from rocks and who fell unconscious during heavy seas on January 17, 2016. Bec was camping with a friend’s family at Merry Beach on the NSW South Coast.

13 Jun 2019

Art (Comp) 2019


Sarah M has won a digital illustration competition BILLIExADOBE. There were over 9,000 entries from around the world and Sarah’s piece was awarded first place by Billie Eilish herself. As the grand prize winner, Adobe are sponsoring Sarah to travel to Los Angeles in July to attend a Billie Eilish concert and to meet the singer in person. In addition Sarah will be receiving a cash prize of $1,000.

11 Jun 2019

Intergenerational Street Art Project 2019

Intergenerational Street Art Project

16 year 11 and 12 Narrabundah College Visual Arts were selected to partake in an Intergenerational Street Art Project. The street art project was a collaboration between ACT Government and Narrabundah College. The project involved students working with 10 older community members (+55 years old) and 10 year 9 students from Caroline Chisolm School all learning and working together. Two young female professional artists Faith Kerehona and Bohie Palacek were selected by a panel to lead the project to guide participants through a process to create a street art mural. All participants were involved in the design process and the final design was striking and fitting for the chosen location. The location of project was the Narrabundah 2 Pavillion at the Sporting field across the road from Narrabundah College (on Captain Cook Crescent, Narrabundah). It was a huge project with 235msq of wall space having to be painted! This was a wonderful opportunity for our students to make connections with the local community. Their maturity and stamina throughout the project was admirable.


31 May 2019

NSDC (Darwin) May 2019

Australian National Schools Debating Championships - Darwin - 2019

This May, I travelled to Darwin for a week to represent the ACT at the Australian National Schools Debating Championships (NSDC). I was part of a four-member team (with Gemma H, Elanor P, and Alex W), the members of which were selected from a series of training sessions and “squad trials” that were held at the beginning of the year.

During NSDC, we debated a range of pressing issues in fields such as international affairs, moral/religious issues, social change, Indigenous affairs, environmental policy, and US politics.

Developing a case from scratch with my team, rebutting the opposition’s arguments, finding ways to characterise and frame the debate, and forming responses on the spot - the entire process was incredibly engaging and intellectually-challenging!

I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to meet so many brilliant, talented debaters, and I’m truly appreciative of all the friendships I made during this trip. NSDC was an absolutely amazing experience - one that I will remember for a lifetime.

Selina L

31 May 2019

Reception at German Embassy 2019


Last week, Narrabundah College and Telopea Park School hosted a group of students and their teachers from Carl- Bechstein-Gymnasium Erkner, Germany. One of the highlights was the reception at the German Embassy on 25 May 2019.

30 May 2019

French Baccalauréat (2019).

Green Chemistry - French Baccalauréat..

Y12 students released a cooperative video about green chemistry. Each student was responsible to realise a small part of the video explaining one of the 12 principles of the green chemistry or to organise the final video. The result is very complete and impressive! Great group effort!

Everything is relative - French Baccalauréat..

For the day before the holidays, the EFS Y12 went to the ANU to attend a workshop about Einstein and Relativity. They first listened to an introduction to relativity from Mr Ruvindha Lecamwasam from the Department of Quantum Science. Then, they had the chance to manipulate a Michelson to see interferences and recreate the historic experience of the measurement of light speed with the help of Andrew Papworth. And last, they manipulated some mathematical tools to understand time dilatation and length contractions and saw some simulations of what would be seen if we were traveling close to the speed of light.

It was a very instructive workshop as students were able to manipulate and understand the implications of this amazing field that is relativity.

17 May 2019

Philosothon winners graduate to the Nationals.

Narrabundah College and Telopea Park School students won the ACT Philosothon held at Radford last night, 8 May.
Selina L won best year 12 student, Sarah M and George L year 11, came 1st and 3rd respectively.  Thomas L and Yarran B shared their role in the team and as such were not eligible for an award. However, they made a significant contribution to the team effort.
The team will represent the ACT at the Australasian Philosothon in October. We were the only government schools competing.
Congratulations to our students and to Winifred Lamb for her coaching and support essential for such a significant success.
Jiayi Z won the First prize of Chinese Recitation Competition of ACT on 5th of May. 2019 ACT First Chinese Recitation Competition is organised by CHINESE LANGUAGE TEACHERS’ ASSOCIATION OF ACT (CLTAACT) and endorsed by the CLN network meeting Chaired by Martin Hine from ACT Education Directorate.

10 May 2019

Maths ((Information Night) (2019))

Study Mathematics at Narrabundah College!

Do you want to make sense of the world? Study Mathematics at Narrabundah College!

Learn to recognise patterns, analyse problems, generalise ideas and interpret the data that we are exposed to every day.

Narrabundah College Information Morning (students) 9.00-11.30

Narrabundah College Information Night 6.00-8.00

Meet with a member of our Mathematics teaching team on May 16. It is time to explore the exciting opportunities at  Narrabundah College.

07 May 2019




Ari G from Narrabundah College wins gold in the mixed relay and wins bronze in the Open Men’s Long Jump in the Arafura Games (April 26 - May 4, 2019) held in Darwin, Australia. Ari is the fourth qualifier for the November’s World Championships in Dubai and is available for selection. Congratulations Ari. (

Simon Y represents Australia at the Asia Pacific Physics Competition this month in Adelaide.

Vincent G wins scholarship to attend the 39th Professor Harry Messel International School Frontier Science in Sydney.

Neha K attended the 24th National Schools Convention in Canberra for three days during March.

8 Narrabundah College students win placings in the OzCLO National Championships, winning two gold medals.

19 students from Narrabundah College toured the Yass region of NSW promoting the Instrumental Music Program during early May.

02 May 2019

IB (2019) Graduation (Narrabundah College)

International Baccalaureate Results - Cohort 2018

Congratulations to Aleksandar Rapajic and Charli Anderson for their exceptional results in the International Baccalaureate programme 2017 - 2018. Both students scored 42 points (99.4) Aleksandar was also our joint dux for the ATAR student in the ACT. Well done to all our Yr 12 IB students who achieved a mean of 90.65.

14 Feb 2019

N Day 2019

N Day 2019

N-Day 2019. It was a pleasant 30 degrees in Canberra on February 7, what better way to spend a summer day at college than spending a day at the pool. Yes, it was everything tug of war, cricket, swimming, the Iron Cup competition, lunch and so much more. Thank you to our new year 11s and our current year 12s for making N-Day so enjoyable.

12 Feb 2019