• 2 Duxes on 99.95 - Top 2 Students in the  ACT - for the second year in a row.
  • 26 students attained an ATAR of 99+ over 99
  • 92 students attained an ATAR of 95+
  • 151 students attained an ATAR of 90+
  • 263 students attained an ATAR of 80+
  • 374 students attained an ATAR of 65+
  • 88% of students attained an ATAR over 65
  • Most students attained ATARs 5-10 marks above their estimate.  Students were delighted  with their excellent results.
  • 402 students gained an ATAR
  • 469 students obtained an ACT Senior Secondary Certificate.
  • Our median ATAR  of all 402 students is 84.45
  • The median ATAR of our top 200 students is 94.5

What makes Narrabundah College so unique?

Narrabundah College delivers a senior secondary curriculum to 950+ year 11 and 12 students. It is the school of choice for a significant number of our students locally, nationally and internationally. They choose to enrol for the programs we offer and for the positive, challenging and dynamic learning environment.

Our diverse curriculum offerings sit under the ACT ATAR System, the International Baccalaureate and the French Baccalauréat.

We continue to challenge national trends in STEM and Languages. 450+ of our students study the highest and most difficult level of Maths over the two years; 550+ study Physics and Chemistry, 450+students study Human Biology, Biology and Exercise Science as part of their package. We offer nine languages and more than half of our student population study at least one language.

Students are able to choose from English, History, Philosophy, Humanities, Social Sciences, Media, IT, Visual and Performing Arts as well as the STEM subjects and Languages. These diverse subjects are delivered by passionate teachers whose significant expertise in their area excites students’ interest and learning.

The college prides itself on providing a high level of student support to ensure that all students’ learning journeys are  successful.

Not only are students challenged and succeed academically, they are able to develop into caring global citizens who can and do make a difference to our world.

Our Curriculum of Giving Framework overarches student experience at this college. As part of their college journey, students embrace opportunities in leadership, health & well-being, volunteering, community connections and much more.

We create an environment where our students discover their interests, develop their skills and thrive socially, emotionally and academically.

International Baccalaureate Results - Cohort 2018

Congratulations to Aleksandar Rapajic and Charli Anderson for their exceptional results in the International Baccalaureate programme 2017 - 2018. Both students scored 42 points (99.4) Aleksandar was also our joint dux for the ATAR student in the ACT. Well done to all our Yr 12 IB students who achieved a mean of 90.65.

Latest News

(Alumni Concert 2019)


Narrabundah College Alumni Concert 2019 - Download  the  flyer.

27 Sep 2019

Tarago24 Sept 2019

Environmental Systems and Society Excursion - 24 September 2019.

Did you know that 20% of Sydney's putrescible waste is transformed to generate clean energy for up to 30,000 homes?

Narrabundah College students had the opportunity to visit Veolia's Bioreactor site near Tarago, where this impressive transformation takes place. They were joined by senior European diplomats, including Ambassadors and High Commissioners. The trip was coordinated by the European Union in Australia. It kicked off Climate Diplomacy Week, the EU's initiative to foster dialogue and cooperation on climate change, showcase success stories and inspire further action.

After a safety briefing, the group embarked on a guided tour of the French company's impressive $100 million waste management plant and learned more about the functioning of the site.

This fascinating example of EU investment in climate technology provided the students and diplomats with lots to talk about, exchanging views on the circular economy, climate action and the students' scientific ambitions.

26 Sep 2019

Narrabundah College students attended ‘Australia Now’ at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade where Australian and International University students made presentations on Australia’s trade relationship with ASEAN. (Monday 16 September 2019).

Australia Now (DFAT ASEAN)

Narrabundah College students attended ‘Australia Now’ at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade where Australian and International University students made presentations on Australia’s trade relationship with ASEAN. (Monday 16 September 2019).  

17 Sep 2019

ACT German Minikonferenz (2019)

ACT German Minikonferenz - 24 August 2019 - Narrabundah College.

ACT German Minikonferenz on 24 August 2019 at Narrabundah College.
Special guests:
Jens Hoch - Cultural Attaché of the German Embassy
Ellen Moffat - Presenter
Marina Shine - Goethe Institute Sydney

04 Sep 2019

Ryan wins bronze in Baku, Azerbaijan (2019).


Ryan W represented Australia in the International Informatics Olympiad. Congratulations to Ryan for winning a bronze medal in this prestigious event.

The 31st International Informatics Olympiad was held in Baku, Azerbaijan from August 4 to August 11, 2019.

23 Aug 2019

Dr Helen Maynard-Casely 2019

Physics Women in Physics Lecturer - Dr Helen Maynard-Casely

This year’s Australian Institute of Physics Women in Physics Lecturer is Dr Helen Maynard-Casely from ANSTO (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation). Dr Maynard-Casely is touring the country and stopped at Narrabundah College to present current and exciting research projects involving the use of neutrons. Approximately 160 science students attended to hear about diverse topics such as carbon capture and storage technology, the development of magnetic wires to reduce energy usage, detection of fake coins from ancient civilizations and the development of new drugs to target antibiotic resistance bacteria.

14 Aug 2019

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