"When you steal a student's struggle, you steal the learning. When you support the struggle, you take that student farther than ever." Unknown author

At Narrabundah College, the Mathematics teachers support the students' struggle by encouraging them to explore their own thought processes, giving them a shared language for communicating their ideas, asking them to critique the quality of their own work, teaching them to question everything and by challenging them. A student's learning is ultimately their own responsibility and we work collaboratively with them to support them on the way to those "Aha!" moments when true understanding occurs.

Students and parents should be aware that Maths is not primarily about the content taught. The course content is the context through which we teach our students the analytical, communication and reasoning skills that will be beneficial throughout their lives.

Available Courses

At Narrabundah College, we offer a variety courses for those students wishing to study Mathematics. Students are able to choose from:

Choosing the right level of Mathematics

The following document shows the suggested level of college Maths for a student to study, based on their results from high school.

Choosing the Right Narrabundah Maths Course pdfsmall (769 KB)

When choosing subjects you should also consult the student guide for details about majors, minors and ACT Year 12 Certificate requirements. Students should start with the highest level of maths they are capable of achieving in, as generally students move down levels rather than up. Students are able to move between Specialist Maths and Maths Methods in Sessions 1 & 2 of Year 11, while there is more flexibility moving from Maths Methods to Maths Applications.  Students should consult their adviser or the Executive Teacher of Mathematics before changing levels.

Calculator information

The following document provides information on the use, purchase and specifications of calculators used in the Specialist Maths and Mathematical Methods courses.

Calculator information for Narrabundah Students pdfsmall (88.5 KB)

International Baccalaureate

In addition to the ACT Certificate, students are able to choose to do an International Baccalaureate. IB students study Mathematics at one of three levels:

Opportunities in Mathematics

Students are provided with many opportunities outside of the classroom to challenge themselves mathematically.

Narrabundah College students compete in the UNSW Maths Competition and AMC Maths Competition and the ANU Maths Day.

In addition, Year 12 students may elect to provide peer tutoring in Study Hub.

Maths Tutorials and Study Hub

Maths tutorials are Tuesday and Wednesday lunchtimes each week to help students keep up with the work.

Any students can attend and ask for explanations of a topic they are having trouble with or to get help with some questions.

In addition, students can attend study hub on Monday and Wednesday afternoons where they can get individual assistance with Maths.

Students are also able to enlist the assistance of a private tutor. For details of some alumni and casual teachers who provide tutoring services contact the Maths faculty.

For further information contact the Executive Teacher of Mathematics.