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2022 Student Curriculum Handbook (Narrabundah College) (ACT)

Further Information.

What makes Narrabundah College so unique?

Narrabundah College delivers a senior secondary curriculum to 950+ year 11 and 12 students. It is the school of choice for a significant number of our students locally, nationally and internationally. They choose to enrol for the programs we offer and for the positive, challenging and dynamic learning environment.

Our diverse curriculum offerings sit under the ACT ATAR System, the International Baccalaureate and the French Baccalauréat.

We continue to challenge national trends in STEM and Languages. 450+ of our students study the highest and most difficult level of Maths over the two years; 550+ study Physics and Chemistry, 450+students study Human Biology, Biology and Exercise Science as part of their package. We offer nine languages and more than half of our student population study at least one language.

Students are able to choose from English, History, Philosophy, Humanities, Social Sciences, Media, IT, Visual and Performing Arts as well as the STEM subjects and Languages. These diverse subjects are delivered by passionate teachers whose significant expertise in their area excites students’ interest and learning.

The college prides itself on providing a high level of student support to ensure that all students’ learning journeys are  successful.

Not only are students challenged and succeed academically, they are able to develop into caring global citizens who can and do make a difference to our world.

Our Curriculum of Giving Framework overarches student experience at this college. As part of their college journey, students embrace opportunities in leadership, health & well-being, volunteering, community connections and much more.

We create an environment where our students discover their interests, develop their skills and thrive socially, emotionally and academically.


2 Duxes on 99.95 - Topped the ACT for fourth year in a row. Nineteen students attained an ATAR of 99+

19 students attained an ATAR of 99+

62 students attained an ATAR of 95+

126 students attained an ATAR of 90+

233 students attained an ATAR of 80+

354 students attained an ATAR of 65+

91% of students attained an ATAR over 65

391 students gained an ATAR

Our median ATAR of students completing the ACT System is 83.5

Median for top 200 students is 92.25

ANU Extension 47 students -6 of whom topped 6 of the 10 courses.

Two IB duxes achieved 43 (99.55).

Most IB students achieved the equivalent of 90+ and most students were above the IB world median.

Top French Bac student achieved the equivalent of 99.85, three more students attained above 99, 11 in total above 90 and all students were successful.

All results include French Bac students.

International Baccalaureate (2020).

Akshat J and Tommy L joint IB duxes on 43 - ATAR equivalent - 99.55

Akshat J and Tommy L joint IB duxes on 43 - ATAR equivalent - 99.55

School Improvement Plan 2021-2025

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Latest News

Moments in love

Canberra Short Film Festival

Lucy P is a media student at Narrabundah College. She has submitted her short film; 'moments in love' into the Canberra Short Film Festival. Her short film was selected as a finalist in the U18's category.  "My intention in creating ‘moments in love’ is to encapsulate a part of my teenage experience. This is a personal expose, on themes that have played a major role in shaping my identity and my growing up. We tell stories to form connections with one another, to create discussion and better understand one another. 'moments in love' is my story and I hope you enjoy it."- Lucy P. This is an awesome achievement for Narrabundah College. It is great to see our media students being recognized by the public in filmmaking. The film also stars actors from the College! 

17 Nov 2021

Long Tan Leadership Awards for 2021

Long Tan Awards for 2021

Congratulations to Morghan B and Callam C on being awarded the Long Tan Awards for 2021. Morghan received the Long Tan Leadership Award and Callam received the Long Tan Innovation Award. Well, done.

11 Nov 2021

Remembrance Day November 11th 2021

Remembrance Day November 11th 2021

Narrabundah's History students encourage everyone to take a moment of reflection today.

This link connects to the full PDF.

11 Nov 2021

Geography Competition 2021


Congratulations to Xander P who won an award for being in the top 1% in the Australia wide Geography Competition and to Katya O who was awarded a High Distinction in this competition. Thank you for taking part.

05 Nov 2021


Aleksandar M - Congratulations on being selected to participate in the 54th National Mathematics Summer School that will be held in January 2022. The National Mathematics Summer School is the most prestigious program of its type and has been running each summer since it was founded 52 years ago. Places are limited with around 75 students being invited to participate each year. Since 1969 3,000 students have taken part in the program. Well done Aleksandar M.

19 Oct 2021

Flowers in full bloom


Thank you to Narrabundah College's P & C and Narrabundah College students for planting these beautiful flowers across our campus. Violas, Pansies, Heartsease and Tulips - this certainly adds cheerful colours to our spring sunshine. 

17 Sep 2021

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