“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” Albert Einstein

One of our aims in Science is to instill in our student a willingness to look at issues with a scientific perspective, and not to make rash or unfounded assumptions. We challenge students and give them a solid grounding in science so that they can make sensible and informed decisions. We endeavour to equip students with the skills they will need for further study at a tertiary level. Many of our students tell us, once they are out in the world studying or working, that they were very well prepared for their study, in a wide range of fields.

Narrabundah College has a very strong Science program with a range of courses available. We have a large number of students completing Science majors and minors, significant at college level.

The following subjects are available for study in Science at Narrabundah College.


Chemistry is the essential science. Is at the heart of the processes that sustain our life and allow us to learn, work, keep warm, and travel. In fact Chemistry is vital to most of the activities in our lives. Understanding the chemical processes that control the events in the world around us is essential to our continued existence. The chemistry we study at Narrabundah College will help you to understand the fundamental models of chemistry, show you how chemistry is involved in the real world, develop your chemical knowledge and help you develop your skills as a problem solver. Our program has a strong practical component to support the theory studied in classes.


Physics is the most fundamental of the experimental sciences, as it seeks to explain the universe itself, from the very smallest particles, quarks to the vast distances between galaxies. Physics is the study of motion, forces, fields and energy. Those who study it will gain an understanding of the basic laws that govern matter. The study of physics provides us with an unparalleled power of analysis that is useful in the study of the other sciences, engineering and mathematics, as well as in daily life.


Biology is the study of living things- the range of organisms found on our planet, how they work, and how they interact with each other. The course progresses from cells and important biological molecules through to organs and body systems, and covers ecological concepts and biodiversity.

Ecosystems and Societies: (part of the Biology course)

Ecosystems and Societies uses a holistic lens to view the interconnectedness of all things on our Earth, some of the problems that we are encountering as a species, and how we can make changes for a more sustainable future.


The Forestry course at Narrabundah College is a unique course that looks at a range of environmental, economic and political issues from a forestry perspective. The topics range from developing an understanding of forest and plant types and the  importance of trees in Australian ecosystems, the evolution of Australian plants, use of trees on farms, resource use in a variety of ecosystems, and the occurrence and frequency of bushfires to how Australian plants recover from  bushfires.

Exercise Science

Exercise Science is designed to suit a wide range of students with interests in heath science, vocational courses and skill development. The course covers structure and function of body systems with an emphasis on human performance, training and exercise regimes, nutrition for peak performance, the physiological processes involved in exercise, identification and treatment of injuries and the psychology of participants in sports.

Other Exciting Opportunities and Activities offered in the Science Department:

Australian Science Olympiads

Certificates are awarded for outstanding achievement, with the top 20 students to attend a two week training school in January. The ultimate award is selection in the Australian team for the international Chemistry, Physics and Biology Olympiad. Year 11s are invited to nominate.

Questacon Explainer/Training

The National Science and Technology Centre runs a training program for senior students in the ACT. We have many participants in this scheme and they gain some points, as well as enjoying the interactions with other science enthusiasts.

Cate Rosier

Executive Teacher Science.