Narrabundah College is a government college for years 11 and 12 students - the final two years of secondary education. It offers a challenging curriculum in a caring environment and meets the needs of an international community.

Narrabundah College has earned an enviable record of student achievement in academic, sporting, social and cultural endeavours. A high percentage of students go on to further education at universities and specialist tertiary institutions.

The school has a very strong international atmosphere; the students come from many different cultural backgrounds. This year there are fifty-five different first languages spoken, and fifty-nine countries of origin.

College Core Values

  • Challenging Curriculum
  • Caring Environment
  • International Community

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2017 ATAR - THE 2 ACT DUXES on 99.95

  • 2 Duxes of Narrabundah and top of the ACT on 99.95
  • 33 over 99 (30 ACT plus 3 French Bac students and 2 International Baccalaureate students)
  • 75 students over 95
  • 133 students over 90
  • 241 students over 80
  • 331 (82.75 %) students over 65 in the cohort of 400
  • 43 students completed ANU extension
  • 8 students topped eight of the ten ANU Extension Courses.
  • Top 50 students had a median of 99.250
  • Top 100 students had a median of 97.3
  • Top 200 students had a median of 92.950

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IB students receiving IB results January 5th
Our  International Baccalaureate cohort has completed a very successful  two year program and achieved excellent results with an IB school median of 33.
Our top students are Esther  (DUX) with 44 – ATAR (99.85) and Leonie 
with 43 – ATAR (99.70)

13 Feb 2018

ATAR 2017 (Narrabudah College)

Narrabundah College Students top the ATARs in the ACT.

Congratulations to Deepan and Claire on receiving the top two ATARs in the ACT of 99.95..

The Narrabundah College community is extremely proud of Deepan’s and Claire’s achievements.

Narrabundah College congratulates all 2017 graduating students on their outstanding achievements.

Congratulations to the 30 students who attained an ATAR over 99 as well as 3 French Bac students whose ATAR was over 99.

Congratulations to the 8 students who topped eight of the ten ANU Exentsion Courses.

Congratulations to the 75 students who attained an ATAR over 95 and to the 133 over 90; to the 241 who attained an ATAR over 80 and to the 331 over 65.

Congratulations to the top 50 whose median was 99.250;  to the top 100 whose median was 97.3 and to the top 200 whose median was 92.950.

13 Dec 2017

Unable to attend presentation night 2017.

Unable to attend Presentation Night? (2017).

If you are unable to attend Presentation Night Wednesday, 13 December commencing 5.00pm, then you may:

(a) ...collect your Certificate from Reception at the college:

Thursday 14 December 2017 9.00am - 3.00pm.
Friday 15 December 2017 9.00am - 12noon.

and from

Monday 22 January 2018 9.00am - 3.00pm

(b) ...arrange for another person to collect your Certificate for you, but you must give them a signed letter authorizing them to do so.

(c) ...for postage in Australia - purchase a $6.70 prepaid registered B4 envelope from a post office.

For postage overseas - purchase a $24.60 prepaid registered B4 envelope from a post office. (Write student’s name, address on both sides of prepaid B4 registered envelope. Place envelope in the box in Delisia Wiild’s room in Student Adviser’s area).

Please note: You must fill in the Lodgement Slip receipt with student’s own address and details and we will post on your behalf.

International Private Students (IPS) will have their certificates posted by the International Section in the ACT Department of Education.

Please note: Certificates are not available before Presentation Night.

13 Dec 2017

Why Black Lives Matter Everywhere - National press Club 2017

Why Black Lives Matter Everywhere - National Press Club

Narrabundah College Year 12 politics students were given the fabulous opportunity to attend Why Black Lives Matter Everywhere address at the National Press Club on November 1, 2017. George representing the group asked a question of the panel about how social media could be used to advance the cause of Australian indigenous rights.

National Press Club Address - Why Black Lives Matter Everywhere (1-Nov-2017) ABC.

07 Nov 2017

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