Narrabundah College is a government college for years 11 and 12 students - the final two years of secondary education. It offers a challenging curriculum in a caring environment and meets the needs of an international community.

Narrabundah College has earned an enviable record of student achievement in academic, sporting, social and cultural endeavours. A high percentage of students go on to further education at universities and specialist tertiary institutions.

The school has a very strong international atmosphere; the students come from many different cultural backgrounds. This year there are fifty-five different first languages spoken, and fifty-nine countries of origin.

College Core Values

  • Challenging Curriculum
  • Caring Environment
  • International Community

IB Logo An IB school

2015 ATAR 99.85

  • 19 Students attained an ATAR of 99+ (including 5 French Baccalaureat Students)
  • 67 Students Achieved ATAR Scores of 95+
  • 114 Students Achieved ATAR Scores  of 90+
  • 210 Students attained an ATAR of 80+
  • 321 Students attained an ATAR of 65
  • Top IB score of 44 equals an ATAR of 99.85
  • Average IB score of 33 equals an ATAR of 90.6
  • 86% of students attained over an ATAR above 65
  • 372 students attained an ATAR.

Our median or middle ATAR of students completing ACT System is 83.1

Latest News

French Bac


All 17 students passed, 10 students (60%) attained Mentim Très Bien AND 7 students (40%) attained an ATAR equivalent of over 99. Congratulations to our students and their teachers on these outstanding results.

28 Jul 2016

TEDx Canberra.

Aqueel C was selected at interview as the event designer TEDx Canberra academy. This is a partnership with schools to promote learning is fun. The first event is next Friday 17th June, is open mic at the National Library. There will be a number of other events culminating in September’s TEDx Canberra event.


Jesslyn J Has been selected to represent the ACT at the United Nations Conference in Brisbane during July, 2016.


Shayan R wins a Heads of Scholarship to attend the Apple World Wide Developers Conference in San Fransisco.

26 Jul 2016

Guest speakers for Sociology.

Lyle Swan – Aboriginal Educator from Telopea Park school – discussing his personal history growing up as an Aboriginal descendent of the Myall Creek massacres, issues around indigenous identity, and the tent embassy.

Rod Little – Director of National Congress of Australia’s first people – discussing issues around Indigenous political representation and recognition in the constitution

Jerry Schwab – Director Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy research – ANU – to discuss contemporary issues around Aboriginal education, employment and wealth.

Dr Rick Brown - - Head or research at the Australian institute of Criminology

24 May 2016

ANU Research visit

About 15 students attended a half day conference conducted by the ANU Psychology school for colleges in Canberra. Students were provided with information about careers and courses on offer in Psychology, advice about courses and degrees and research options. They also had the opportunity to discuss real life Psychology experiments and current research that the ANU is undertaking. They looked at an EEG machine and the experimentation rooms including a driving simulator as well as processes of identifying prejudice.

24 May 2016

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