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What makes Narrabundah College so unique?

Narrabundah College delivers a senior secondary curriculum to 950+ year 11 and 12 students. It is the school of choice for a significant number of our students locally, nationally and internationally. They choose to enrol for the programs we offer and for the positive, challenging and dynamic learning environment.

Our diverse curriculum offerings sit under the ACT ATAR System, the International Baccalaureate and the French Baccalauréat.

We continue to challenge national trends in STEM and Languages. 450+ of our students study the highest and most difficult level of Maths over the two years; 550+ study Physics and Chemistry, 450+students study Human Biology, Biology and Exercise Science as part of their package. We offer nine languages and more than half of our student population study at least one language.

Students are able to choose from English, History, Philosophy, Humanities, Social Sciences, Media, IT, Visual and Performing Arts as well as the STEM subjects and Languages. These diverse subjects are delivered by passionate teachers whose significant expertise in their area excites students’ interest and learning.

The college prides itself on providing a high level of student support to ensure that all students’ learning journeys are  successful.

Not only are students challenged and succeed academically, they are able to develop into caring global citizens who can and do make a difference to our world.

Our Curriculum of Giving Framework overarches student experience at this college. As part of their college journey, students embrace opportunities in leadership, health & well-being, volunteering, community connections and much more.

We create an environment where our students discover their interests, develop their skills and thrive socially, emotionally and academically.


    Congratulations to all the 2019 Graduating Class
    460 students graduated and 387 attained an ATAR
    Our results are exceptional again:

  • Spencer C top student and top of the ACT on 99.95
  • 3 students with 99.9 or above so 3 of the top 5 in the ACT.
  • 21 students attained an ATAR over 99
  • 84 students over 95. 140 students over 90
  • 238 over 80
  • 317 over 65
  • Median ATAR 84.4 (this does not include French Bac).
  • Highest IB score of 99.25.
  • The  college IB median was 33.5 (90 ATAR equivalent). The IB world median was 28.5 (80 ATAR equivalent).

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Latest News

ANU Extension Graduands in Physics.

ANU Extension Graduands in Physics.

Congratulations to the 2020 ANU Extension Graduands in Physics.

17 Nov 2020

(Indigenous Literacy Foundation (12 November 2020))


Ceramics students have supported the Indigenous Literacy Foundation through a NAIDOC Week fundraiser by selling handmade vessels.

A total of $250 was raised through the generous support of Narrabundah College staff, who purchased the unique pots and succulents.

To find out more about the foundation please visit indigenousliteracyfoundation.org.au

13 Nov 2020

Astrophysics 2020

Associate Professor Charley Lineweaver from the Australian National University.

Associate Professor Charley Lineweaver engaged us all in the science of astrophysics discussing: eukaryotes, prokaryotes, viruses, vacuum energy, dark matter, extreme life, and the need for life to extrapolate to other planets - exoplanets. Professor Charley Lineweaver used, science, humour, and Hollywood to engage us in learning at the frontier. Engaging questions received engaging responses. Charley presented a confident and optimistic future entrusted to our emerging youth. Narrabundah College thanks Charley Lineweaver for taking the time to share the science of Astrophysics with our students and staff.

23 Oct 2020

French Bac - Geology (22-09-2020) x 2 photos


425 million years of Silurian history is exposed in the layers of State Circle's prehistoric rock. As we drive over Fairbairn Avenue bridge, we give little or no thought to the prehistoric marine fossils from 427 million years ago that are preserved right beneath our cars. Along with a walk around Geoscience's rock displays in Symonston our French Baccalauréat geology students experienced geological formations that were preserved long before the arrival of humanity on our planet. A most fascinating experience right here in inner Canberra.

Read more about Canberra's prehistoric geological sites.

20 Oct 2020

Ministerial Visit - Narrabundah College - 28 September 2020.


The ACT’s Chief Minister and the ACT’s Education Minister visit Narrabundah College on Wednesday September 23, 2020.

25 Sep 2020

Author Peter Papathanasiou visits NARC

Author Peter Papathanasiou visits Narrabundah College.

Several Life Stories classes were lucky enough to be visited by Canberra author Peter Papathanasiou, author of 'Little One' - an autobiographical account of Peter finding out, at age 24, that he was adopted, and the subsequent quest to meet his birth parents and brothers in Greece.  Peter shared with these classes insights into the writing and publishing process and hopefully inspired students to assess and write about their own experiences.  (August 2020).

08 Sep 2020

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