Food Technology

Food for Life (A)

This practically focused course has been developed for students with an interest in food, health and well-being. Its main focus is on the development of knowledge and practical skills, which will assist young people in establishing a healthy relationship with food throughout their life.

Essential Concepts;

Working with Food

This unit has a focus on the techniques of cookery. Students learn definitions and analyse recipes to identify the techniques needed in preparation. They demonstrate their learning through planning a practical presentation of a recipe and its techniques (0.5)

Independent Living – Moving On

This unit prepares students for leaving home and establishing their own kitchen and pantry. They learn about food preparation which is economical and makes good use of the pantry. It also looks at lease/tenancy issues and the process of taking out a lease. (0.5)

Food, Sport and Peak Performance

This unit looks at nutrition planning for health and training. Product development and food fads are also investigated. (0.5)

Nutrition for Life

This unit extensively investigates food related diseases. Diabetes, heart disease and food allergies are the main focus. General investigation is also done on Australia’s health issues in the community. We also learn about correct food handling procedures in shopping, preparing and serving food. (1.0)

Food and Culture in Australia

This unit investigated the significance of food prepared for festive, social and religious occasions in many religious and cultural groups including indigenous Australians. A look at modern cuisines in Australia and our future directions brings this study to present day. We also investigate immigration and its impact on Australian society and the diet of Australians for example, the Gold Rush era, the Depression, World Wars I & 11, the Snowy Mountain Scheme, Asian immigration after the Vietnam War. This leads into the development of technology and its influence on the Australian food industry through our history. (1.0)