Subject Selection

Choosing Your Courses

We recommend that you follow a broad program of study, which enables you to keep open your options for the future. Try to allow time for sporting and other recreational activities, which will enrich your general education and your time at Narrabundah College. You might like to have some association with the arts while at the college, or take up activities involving service to the college or wider community.

As there are no compulsory units or courses, your choices should relate to what you want to do after college. Take subjects that will prepare you for your future career or study plans. As well, focus on what you are good at and where your interests lie.

Note: Students are guaranteed a course at the college and this may only be a minor.

You also need to keep in mind tertiary entrance requirements, International Baccalaureate requirements if you intend to follow the IB Programme, French Baccalauréat requirements, Canberra Institute of Technology requirements, apprenticeship/traineeship procedures and the expectations of employers. You should discuss your choice of program with your parents, your high school teachers and the Narrabundah College student advisers.

Advisers from the college will visit high schools during October and November to plan study programs with students who have been offered a place at Narrabundah College. If the advisers do not visit your high school you will have an interview with one when you enrol in your subjects at the college.

You should begin by enrolling in at least 5 subjects in Year 11. Your initial selections can be changed until the end of the second week of the session.

  • If you wish to seek entry to a tertiary institution you should familiarise yourself with any prerequisites or assumed levels of prior knowledge for your intended course of study, as well as with the general requirements for tertiary entrance. This information is available from the advisers' area.
  • If you intend to follow the International Baccalaureate Programme you must make an appointment with the International Baccalaureate Coordinator to select courses in accordance with the requirements of the IB Programme.
  • If you are seeking enrolment in the French Baccalauréat Diploma Program, you must make an appointment with the Proviseur at Telopea Park School to select courses in accordance with the requirements of the program.
  • If you are thinking of moving directly from Narrabundah College into the workplace you may select (A) accredited, (T) tertiary, (V) nationally recognised vocational courses and/or some (R) registered courses. (V) courses are oriented towards the development of skills and knowledge, which may equip you for direct employment in particular areas.
  • You should study major courses in English and Mathematics because almost all tertiary institutions and employers require these subjects. If you are hoping to gain entrance to university, these subjects will assist in the development of skills necessary for the ACT Scaling Test (AST).
  • Try to include a course or a session of a course, which enables you to develop computing and keyboard skills if you do not already have them.

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