Physical Education / Outdoor Ed. / Sport

Physical Education / Outdoor Ed. / Sport

Narrabundah College offers a variety of Physical Education activities. Students of any interest or ability can find a level that is suitable to their needs. Each course will provide worthwhile and challenging study for a wide range of students.

The college enters teams in the inter-college competitions and the sports program on Thursday afternoons, and all day carnivals.

Physical Education

This A course is designed to provide students with access to, and support for, a program of regular activity. The emphasis is on participation, being very practically orientated. There are number of units within the course and offered in a pattern over two years to give as wide a range as possible to students. Units include coaching, team sports, racquet sports, footy codes, modified sports and individual sports.


The college has a number of ways students can become involved in some form of structured sport. Any involvement in these units enables students to earn points toward their Year 12 Certificate. The options are:

Intercollege Sport: Each Thursday afternoon is set aside for students to play sport, as there are no regular classes offered at this time. Competitions in a wide variety of sports are arranged each term on a home and away basis.
One Day Carnivals: Held at various times throughout the year, eg. softball, soccer, hockey, triathlon, Australian rules, waterpolo, athletics.
Recreational Sports: Held weekly during school time, eg. badminton, volleyball.

Outdoor Education

Outdorr Ed

I think the billy has just boiled! Anyone for tea? Bring your cup over here, have you seen the sponnies? Can someone get some more wood! Are we there yet? No, it's just over that next rise.

Outdoor Ed is the living subject area. Outdoor Ed students embark on a journey that takes them back to the basics of human existence. Eating sleeping and walking can take on a new importance. It's an opportunity to challenge yourself, see beautiful places and do amazing things. There is a wide range of activities to take part in that emphasise skill acquisition, resilience, interpersonal relationships, health and  wellbeing.

Outdoor Ed is not competitive, it's just a fun way to get new skills and see great parts of Australia's natural environment. It is also an opportunity for stress relief from busy lives and demands of year 11 and 12.